Social media and tribalism


Social media news feeds are driven by users’ profiles to reinforce their preferences and prejudices. News feeds are customised for each user. Any posts that don’t fit these profiles don’t get displayed. The result is increasing tribalism in the world. American and British intelligence agencies claim that Russian intelligence has used social media to promote divisions and manipulate public opinion in the West. Like the US and the UK, Pakistan also has ethnic, sectarian and regional fault-lines that make it vulnerable to similar social media manipulation.  It is very likely…

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The Secret To Social Media Stardom

Three years ago, Prajakta Koli, known on social media as ‘Mostly Sane’, was a struggling radio intern. A job as a radio jockey was her dream. And when she landed that, it wasn’t what she had hoped for. Then came a lucky break. She was spotted by a scout from a multi-channel network. Today, the comedienne is one of India’s biggest social media influencers with over 1.6 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. “There isn’t a fixed road map,” she says. “The only way you can stand out is if…

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