Digital Media Queens, Suchita Salwan And Priyanka Gill, Tell How To Win The Game

Priyanka Gill

A report titled ‘Mobile Internet in India 2017’ estimates the number of mobile Internet users in India to reach 478 Mn by June 2018. With such a deep Internet penetration in India,  digital media has been a growing phenomenon in India. The country’s media and entertainment (M&E) sector is poised to touch $45.1 Bn by 2021, expanding at a CAGR of over 10.5%. A PwC report revealed that the segment has undergone substantial progress since 2016, when its valuation stood at $27.3 Bn. As one of the leading names in the digital media space, POPxo and Little Black…

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On India’s top booktubers and their activities


  Are you really a Roald Dahl fan if you don’t know about royal jelly: a thing that bees secrete and humans use to solve fertility problems? Or if you haven’t read Switch Bitch cover to cover? If you’re clueless about either, you need to up your nerd quotient by a few notches through YouTube, or maybe even Instagram. Whoever thought the advent of digital technology would pose a threat to the written word underestimated the bookworkm’s dedication. Book-loving communities took to the Internet years ago, carrying their beloved print-and-bound…

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